Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hair Care

It is seen that before age or not paying heed to body health,some hair become white.It shows overage and even looks odd and creation of good hormone in body that keeps us young affects.One should use such oil that beauty may not fade.White Hair will become black with the help of Curry Leave and Olive Oil.
Curry Patta and Olive Oil
How to prepare such Oil1.Take a bunch of kadi patta or curry leaves, wash it with clean water and get it dry in the sun till it become strong or dry leaves.2. Then grind it to form a powder3.Now into a 200ml of coconut oil or olive oil mix 4 teaspoonful kadi patta and boil it.4. After 2 minutes dim the oven the let it become normal or cool5. Sieve the oil and fill it into an air tight vialHow to useApply twice in a week. Apply 40 minutes before washing hair.It will help to turn white hair into black.
Brush for hair
Hair fall may be the cause of wrong way of brushing your hair with wrong brush.If you want to give shape to your hair for different style according to your hair you should use the following brush as per need.To reduce hair fall one can apply onion juice on scalp before washing hair.It is very good and effective procedure to reduce hair fall.
Round Shape Brush: For curly and straight hair, round shape brush can be used. It can be for blow dry look.For your knowledge,Round brush not give you only stylish look but also controls your tension.
Bristle Brush Mixed : For thick and normal hair, mixed bristle brush can be used.It is also know as porcupine brush. One can use it everyday.
Bristle Brush Natural : Naturally it can be used for fine and straight hair.To get straight blowouts it give a lot of volume.It moisturise your hair.
Comb Wide Toothed- It is used for Fizzy hair.

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