Monday, January 5, 2015

Lighten your scars

In delivery time during operation and surgery the cut over skin make the streak and take the form of scar and often we have scar at body from born time.Scar is the thing, which is not make us wear dress of our ease and then one cover the scar with cloth to keep is conceal.But one can take care of this and dim the scars.There are so many laser treatment and other expensive product are there but you can look after it with home made remedies and don’t opt to spend pile of money.Here are some home made remedies give you extra protection for this.Remember you should not use it on raw wounds.Otherwise it may cause unwanted infections.
Lighten your scars
Olive Oil- Gently massage olive oil on your scar daily you can use tea tree oil and lavender oil as well.
Aloe Vera-Apply transparent aloe vera gel over scar.Grow aloe vera plant at home and apply gel to your scar 2 to 3 times daily.
Vitamin Oil-Vitamin E oil is essential beneficial for scar and skin.One can use vitamin E capsule just cut the capsule and massage the oil over scar it fade the scar gently and keep your skin smooth.
Lemon-Lemon lighten the scar.Apply lemon juice on scar and leave it.but one should not use it on raw scar or fresh scar otherwise it may cause infection.
Cocoa Butter –Excellent healer,cocoa butter having antioxidant properties that cure from scars.
Vaseline-Vaseline diminish your scars while lightening it.
Honey –Honey is used for moisturising the skin.It reduce scar gently.
Licorice Root Extract-Anti-inflammatory lighten the skin and accelerate renewal of skin.
Silicone –Silicone is very vital to reduce cars even it reduce swelling,itching redness,burning and sensitivity.It reduce scars and other skin symptoms.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hair Care

It is seen that before age or not paying heed to body health,some hair become white.It shows overage and even looks odd and creation of good hormone in body that keeps us young affects.One should use such oil that beauty may not fade.White Hair will become black with the help of Curry Leave and Olive Oil.
Curry Patta and Olive Oil
How to prepare such Oil1.Take a bunch of kadi patta or curry leaves, wash it with clean water and get it dry in the sun till it become strong or dry leaves.2. Then grind it to form a powder3.Now into a 200ml of coconut oil or olive oil mix 4 teaspoonful kadi patta and boil it.4. After 2 minutes dim the oven the let it become normal or cool5. Sieve the oil and fill it into an air tight vialHow to useApply twice in a week. Apply 40 minutes before washing hair.It will help to turn white hair into black.
Brush for hair
Hair fall may be the cause of wrong way of brushing your hair with wrong brush.If you want to give shape to your hair for different style according to your hair you should use the following brush as per need.To reduce hair fall one can apply onion juice on scalp before washing hair.It is very good and effective procedure to reduce hair fall.
Round Shape Brush: For curly and straight hair, round shape brush can be used. It can be for blow dry look.For your knowledge,Round brush not give you only stylish look but also controls your tension.
Bristle Brush Mixed : For thick and normal hair, mixed bristle brush can be used.It is also know as porcupine brush. One can use it everyday.
Bristle Brush Natural : Naturally it can be used for fine and straight hair.To get straight blowouts it give a lot of volume.It moisturise your hair.
Comb Wide Toothed- It is used for Fizzy hair.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Loss weight like models.

Heavy weight is down impression,even its brings many disease with itself.
losing weight is also a major issue,most of times it is seen that women try to diet and reduce her meal and doe eat ample of time, but  not eating is also harmful for health because not eating our body becomes ill,feeble and other symptoms come out.Body need energy and energy comes from food so continues your daily meal don’t leave it.So,what one should do to overcome from the situation.Flawleskin is going to provide you some healthy diet tip that are used by beautiful models that helps them to loss weight quickly.You can try these diet tips that keeps you healthy,beautiful and gives glowing skin ever.
Measure your weight.
Use these simple steps to reduce fat
Beauty Sleep- Take a sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily.Its is helpful to reduce weight quickly.Don’t forget to drink water before going to bed because drinking water before going to bed helps you to prevent mind strokes and other strokes in body.So, remember cling a little water bottle at your bed while sleeping and drink it before bed and whenever needed in between sleep.
Hydration-Drink un-carbonated,fresh water to excrete toxins.This is the vital and most important diet tips used by models.So,stick to drink water.
Smaller Meal- Eat little amount of food in your meal,opt for green leafy vegetable.
Water based fruits and yummy veggies- Watermelon,pears and orange are the water based fruits which is full of water and pamper your tummy.There are lots of water based fruits.So, use it in your diet.There are lots of veggies which is used for weight loss.Avoid red meat and only lean meat to your diet list.Even use protein based food in your diet.Use cleaner meals do reduce your fat quickly.Use only highly balanced meal.Maintain the routine and never go off from track because model stay them in a track and never conduct the opportunity to go off track.
Aerated beverages- Avoid aerated beverages because it put on weights.
Bubble gum-Chew sugar free bubble gum,chewing bubble gum generate acidity.So, opt for sugar free bubble gum.
Snack and Spicy food- Use right snack which don’t have cholesterol.Feeling hungry and in evening time use the right snack and cookies.Spicy food burn calories and fat.but don’t use more because it include acidity property.So use a little amount of spicy food.
Exercise-Doing exercise your body sweat allot and reduce fat and cholesterol.So make a daily routine for your exercise to reduce fat.Models do exercise more than an hour to keep them in shape.
Lemonand honey Face Packs.
Method of doing- Spread your legs sitting on asana.Cling your both leg.Don’t bend your knees keep it straight to cling your legs to earth surface.After this bending yourself towards knee try to touch your toes with the help of both hands,bend your for head to touch your knee.Keep in mind that you leg is not leaving the earth surface.The asana will be difficult for fat people and if you do daily practice of the asana it will be easier in doing and yes! it is one of the most helpful asana which reduce fat quickly.Remember you not giving more stress on your legs.Practice daily to let it free to touch your toes.
Benefits-The aggregated fat of stomach reduce.The urine and other stomach disease remain far away.Helpful of knees and backbone pain.Body become strong and you look smart.Leg muscles become strong.You.can also do other related asana for reducing,Dhanurasana,Matsyendrasana.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Skin Care for Teenagers'

In teenage the care of skin is very important because if you commencing to protect your skin from this age,you will look younger till long time at your age.In this age you will see that pimples,acne,blemishes,rushes,dullness,suntan and other skin related problems switch towards skin.So,protection is indispensable.But it is hard to choose the real and effective product.Because not choosing the right product and skin remedies,some allergic and some side effect can be seen on skin.But here the flawleskin blog will help you to choose the best product and skin remedies which would be helpful to make you younger forever.In teenage, skin is mild and glowing.but as you know skin get affected quickly from the polluted environment and sun burning UV rays and so on.
Teenage Skin Care
Use only natural herbal - Use lavender oil,Horsetail to keep away sagging skin.Use peppermint juice over face and neck to keep your skin cool and fresh.use Marie gold face packs for keeping your skin soft and mild.use chamomile to cure outburst of acne. Calendula,Nettle are also helpful for skin.
What should be done?
One should know whether his or her skin is oily or dry.It is because it helps you to choose the right product and skin remedies whether your skin not become so oil if it is oily itself or vise verse.So, know your skin first.
How you could know your skin is oily or not?
When you sleep at night while going to bed wash your face with a gentle soap and when while waking up early in the morning you will see your skin is oily if it contains oil particles on skin or dry if there is no oil over skin.Even you can see all the time oily contain that on skin and in other hand no oil if its a dry skin.
For Oily Skin- Oily skin is one of the sign of good skin even though its a bad for creating acne and pimples.Good because oily skin gives you ingredients which is essential for skin and make your skin moisturised always.But somehow it is worse because oily skin get affected with dust particles which is the cause of pimple and acne.
Care- One should wash his or her face with water 4 to 5 times a day with cold water.Do not apply any moisturised cream until winter season come.Keep a hygienic handkerchief to wipe your face.lemon grass is the best for oily skin. use juice of hazel to lighten your acne and pimple marks.Use cotton and rose water to wipe your face twice daily.Rose water gives you the clean face and keep your internal beauty safe.Don’t eat spicy food and all the time but once in a week because its also necessary to keep your immunity power strong.Use aloe vera astringent before any make up or fairness cream and keep 2 fairness cream and alter it after every 3 years.Simply means that 1 fairness cream you use is for 3 years and other for 3 years, alter it after every 3 years.and don’t use any other fairness cream keeping it mind why because the cream you use will help you to know your skin and suits you the best. See the link How to apply cream and make up and face packs for skin care.
For Dry Skin- It just opposite of oily skin. Dry skin is the cause of sun tan and blemishes.but pimple and acne rarely found.Dry skin gives you wrinkles and dullness.
Care- one should use moisturiser after washing face.The moisturiser must contain aloe vera and olive oil.One can use cleanser and use it with the help of cotton while coming from outside. Use aloe vera astringent before any make up. If you continue visit in sunny days.Use sun scream UVS-15 to 25. Wash your face twice to thrice a day with normal water.Use a fairness cream and keep 2 fairness cream and alter it after every 4 years.Simply means that 1 fairness cream you use is for 4 years and other for 4 years,alter it after every 4 years.and don’t use any other fairness cream keeping it mind why because the cream you use will help you to know your skin and suits you the best. See the link How to apply cream and make up and face packs for skin care.
How to recognise whether fairness cream is the best for you?
Before going to bed apply a little amount of your fairness cream under your elbow (just opposite of elbow from where your hand bend and nerve is seen), leave it overnight and see while waking up early in the morning whether there is any rashes or not.If no rashes found apply the cream without any doubt and if rashes are found don’t apply and go for other fairness cream.
Bath- Before going to bath just include a table spoon of salt in your bathing tub.And your skin will remain moisturised all the day.You can also use one table spoon of germ free liquid in your bathing tub.And pollution will remain away.To protect yourself from pollution use the Gomukhasana

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Flower makes our mood great

Essence of flowers
Different flower with different smells makes the different impression and feelings.
When we smells some mild and innocent smell then our mood get fresh and  then we feel good and freshness comes.Our face get bloom and get tightened.So, If you want to look fresh and energetic then use flowers at your home.
Petals in a bowl
Step 1
Take a water full big bowl and scatter some flower leaves that you like most and that make your mood fresh.Like Rose,Marigold,lily and so on.Keep the bowl in the middle of dining table or in the hall or it can be placed at your bedroom.Whenever any person pass beside of the bowl their mood changed into freshness and they feel awesome,fresh and calm.So, as per your choice use rose or any other flower leaves to make your face fresh and awesome look.You will look younger than your age and your feeling and behaviour with other person change that they will like you most.So,enjoy the best gifts of natures.
Step 2 
Change the water and leaves of the bowl every after 3 or 4 days.You can use the water to apply over your face to clean it with the help of cotton.The water can even be used with a face pack.
Marie gold-One of the most good feature to flew and prevent mosquitoes to inter into home is to use marigold flower and marigold plant at your garden,room or office area.
Rose-To get pink lips one can rub the petals of rose on lips.Rose smells awesome and even looks pretty.So one can use rose petals of any colour.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lighten your dark lips.

Lip care.
Lack of proper lip care and smoking make your lip dark. Dark lips spoil your overall appearance and tarnish your image. So, avoid it.
Soft and pink lips
Home made Remedies
Honey- Apply honey on dark lips. It keeps your lip soft and  lighten them. Apply it before going to bed at night.
Beetroot- Red beetroot vegetable gives red lips naturally. Use the slice of beet root on lips to lighten them.
Lemon-In a palm take two to three drops of lemon add a pinch of salt to scrub dead skin cells of lips and massage it. It lighten your dark lips.
Almond Oil- To keep your lip moisturized, apply 2-3 times almonds oil in a day.
Castor Oil- It moisturizes the dry lips and lightens the dark lip.
Raspberries-It is natural ingredient which turns your lips into pink. Apply it with mixing aloe vera juice and honey.
Ice cubes- It removes dead skin cells and keep your lips moisturized.
Strawberry lip balms- With petroleum jelly mix a mash strawberry. Apply it every day to get natural pink lips.
Beauty Increasing Ingredients
Clove-Keep clove in mouth twice in a week. It has vitamin B, which is helpful to increase beauty even it keeps away the dental problem, and helpful to form your vocal thin.
Cardamom-Cardamom is also helpful for rejuvenating skin cells and keep you younger.
Cinnamon-Cinnamon bark is also useful for skin.
Coriander leaves-Coriander leaves keeps you younger, wash some green coriander leaves and chew it.
Cauliflower-Cauliflower contains Vitamin B12 and good vegetable for keep your skin glowing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beauty by Tomato

Tomato also beautify you,an antioxidant, lycopene contain in tomatoes.Its helpful to glow your skin and make it clear.It protects form harmful sun radiation.
It also helpful to fight against skin cancer. Use tomato and say goodbye to skin problems.
Treatment for you healing pores:
Large skin pores get affected by dirt which cause infection.
Take a bowl and add two table spoon juice of fresh tomato and add 2-3 drops juice of lemon into it. Apply the mixture on you face with circular motion and massage it. let it remain for 10-15 minutes and wash your face with chilled water.
Remove your acne
Useful for Astringent:Take a bown and add equal amount of tomato and cucumber juice into it and apply this daily its also helful for oily sikn to extract oil from your face.
Blackheads Removal:To remove your blackheads use avocado and tomato slice over your eyes while sleeping and alter it respectively. It is helpful to reduce your blackhead and your will get rid of it.
During Inflammation of Skin:From harmful sun radiation skin get inflammed, one of the best remedy is tomato and yogurt, take half piece of a tomato and extract the juice of it and add tow tablespoons of yogurt and apply it on affected areas of your body and rinse it after half an hour.

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