Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lighten your dark lips.

Lip care.
Lack of proper lip care and smoking make your lip dark. Dark lips spoil your overall appearance and tarnish your image. So, avoid it.
Soft and pink lips
Home made Remedies
Honey- Apply honey on dark lips. It keeps your lip soft and  lighten them. Apply it before going to bed at night.
Beetroot- Red beetroot vegetable gives red lips naturally. Use the slice of beet root on lips to lighten them.
Lemon-In a palm take two to three drops of lemon add a pinch of salt to scrub dead skin cells of lips and massage it. It lighten your dark lips.
Almond Oil- To keep your lip moisturized, apply 2-3 times almonds oil in a day.
Castor Oil- It moisturizes the dry lips and lightens the dark lip.
Raspberries-It is natural ingredient which turns your lips into pink. Apply it with mixing aloe vera juice and honey.
Ice cubes- It removes dead skin cells and keep your lips moisturized.
Strawberry lip balms- With petroleum jelly mix a mash strawberry. Apply it every day to get natural pink lips.
Beauty Increasing Ingredients
Clove-Keep clove in mouth twice in a week. It has vitamin B, which is helpful to increase beauty even it keeps away the dental problem, and helpful to form your vocal thin.
Cardamom-Cardamom is also helpful for rejuvenating skin cells and keep you younger.
Cinnamon-Cinnamon bark is also useful for skin.
Coriander leaves-Coriander leaves keeps you younger, wash some green coriander leaves and chew it.
Cauliflower-Cauliflower contains Vitamin B12 and good vegetable for keep your skin glowing.

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