Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Flower makes our mood great

Essence of flowers
Different flower with different smells makes the different impression and feelings.
When we smells some mild and innocent smell then our mood get fresh and  then we feel good and freshness comes.Our face get bloom and get tightened.So, If you want to look fresh and energetic then use flowers at your home.
Petals in a bowl
Step 1
Take a water full big bowl and scatter some flower leaves that you like most and that make your mood fresh.Like Rose,Marigold,lily and so on.Keep the bowl in the middle of dining table or in the hall or it can be placed at your bedroom.Whenever any person pass beside of the bowl their mood changed into freshness and they feel awesome,fresh and calm.So, as per your choice use rose or any other flower leaves to make your face fresh and awesome look.You will look younger than your age and your feeling and behaviour with other person change that they will like you most.So,enjoy the best gifts of natures.
Step 2 
Change the water and leaves of the bowl every after 3 or 4 days.You can use the water to apply over your face to clean it with the help of cotton.The water can even be used with a face pack.
Marie gold-One of the most good feature to flew and prevent mosquitoes to inter into home is to use marigold flower and marigold plant at your garden,room or office area.
Rose-To get pink lips one can rub the petals of rose on lips.Rose smells awesome and even looks pretty.So one can use rose petals of any colour.

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